Tanisha Davis

My name is Tanisha Davis and i suffer for Low Self Esteem. I have been bullied by my peers. I always felt like i wasnt beautiful. My mom contacted Girls Too Women and they help me to build my confidence and self esteem. I will be modeling in their upcoming fashion show. I feel better about myself now thanks to mom and Girls Too Women.

Lachelle Hines

My name is La’Chelle Hines I was born in Jacksonville NC on February 16. I’m the youngest of 6 siblings. I’m a survivor of low self esteem, self hatred ,major depression, suicide PTSD, OCD and I have a mental illness. At the early age of 4 I was diagnosed with a mental illness. Which they label it was bad nerves so I started taken medication for it. I have  suffered with mnetal illness for  44 years.  This road has not been easy. I attempted suicide by taking 200 plls and went in a field to die. I was hospitalize in a mental institution for a month. Im so glad that i am recovering from mental health. 

Melissa Thompson

My name is Melissa Thompson and I am a survivor of molestation. As a child I was basically raised by my grandmother due to my mother working many jobs. At 14, my grandmother suffered a massive stroke and aneurism and that's when my world turned upside down. My great-uncle called to let me knowhe was bringing my allowance and cold medicine because I sick . . . he also began touching me. I cried . . . I also told what happened. . . but nothing was done. I still had to visit him and my aunt every weekend like nothing happened. None of my friends knew. I was an angry and mean child and adult. I've struggled with trust and depressionthroughout my life, but I REFUSE to allow his actions define me!! I have had many instances over the years where I've felt like in a hole and just can't get out, but it took a car accident this year make me realize I am here for a reason!!

Zoey Hoyle

My name is Zoey Hoyle and i suffer from a mental disorder called Tricotillomania. I struggle really hard with pulling my hair out when im stressed. My mom met the founder of Girls Too Women and she helped us alot.  She partnered with a local hairstylist and they donated a custom made wig to me. I was so happy and felt pretty again. It helps me to calm my urge to pull my hair.

Lynn Alexis

My Name is Lyn Alexis and i am a SURVIVOR! Ever since my young days i can remember suffering with so much sadness, anger, and fear . At that point in my life i didn't even know what even call it. But i dealt with it by acting out. I got into A LOT of trouble and no one knew what to do to help me. As i got a bit older i went into therapy where they diagnosed me with ADHD, depression and anxiety. I was only 7 years young. So that's when the fight began. Unfortunately i never received the helped that i needed to be able to cope with these terrifying emotions. Not only did I have my emotions to deal with i had to deal with abuse(sexual, mental, verbal, and physical). When I turned 15 i ended up in foster care where i was finally able to get some help but at that point i didn't think i needed it, so i didn't receive it. I just took my meds and went about my life. My depression, anxiety, anger turned into that and more. I was then at the age of 18 diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) and PTSD from all the abuse. But i still didn't cope. I had life figured out..RIGHT?. UNTIL i had my beautiful little girl. Still I didn't know how to deal with my roller coaster of emotions. Today i am 25 years young with a 5 year old daughter living in Charlotte NC and I can say that i have finally been able to find Joy and Peace!!!... Every day is a battle but i have been able to conquer, grow and learn!

Aerialle Crawford

My name is Aerialle Crawford and i have been diagnosed with a bipolar diseas. I am a victim of physical and sexual abuse. I watch my father murder my 11 year old sister right in front of me. I was sexually molested by family members.