About Us

Founder and Director

Our Story

I started "Girls Too Women INC" in August 2017, I came up with the name Girls Too Women because in todays world so many people think that depression only happens to adults because of life ups, downs and challenges. There are many girls who are going through depression TOO. There are many girls who has low self esteem, anxiety and I felt the need to not only reach out and help Women but girls TOO. I was diagnosed with Manic Depression in 2001, but as a young girl I suffered from low self esteem from being bullied through out my childhood. That's when depression ,low self esteem and anxiety followed me into my adulthood. Seemed like no matter how hard i tried I couldn't get away from it. For many years I was unable to truly live my life because I felt this dark cloud following me. I couldn't interact with people the way I wanted to because my spirits was so low. I had dreams and aspirations but just couldn't achieve them because the depression was so severe. In December 2016 I made a life altering decision that changed my life. I then begin to live and love myself more and more each day. Everyday looking in the mirror and quoting " I am Beautiful" " I am Survivor" I then decided I wanted to share my story about the many years I spent depressed, the many anxiety attacks I had and how I overcame it. I wanted to be able to give back by helping young girls, Women and Men to know and feel the same joy I felt overcoming depression ,but most of all claiming my life back. To help girls and women know that beauty begins within and that they too can overcome any adversities life brings them and to welcome them TOO into the land of peace.

Our Mission

The mission of Girls TOO Women, INC is to inspire and empower girls and women who are affected by mental illness. 

Our Vision

Girls TOO Women, INC, aspires to always be there in the time of need. Through our network of volunteers, supporters and donors, we want to raise awareness of mental illness and to...

  • Help young girls evolve into strong women
  • Identify ways to redirect negative feelings into positive actions
  • Create outreach programs, support systems and housing assistance where needed